The Sound of Music

I was feeling reminiscent today, so I am currently watching “The Sound of Music,” one of my all-time childhood favorites. And of course, it still ranks in my top ten favorites. I mean, you just can’t find movies of that quality anymore. And unfortunately, I know from y own experience that children aren’t so cute and innocent anymore. They would simply not be won over by a song during a rainstorm. I try singing to my kids in class, and they tend to look at me as though I’m completely insane.

But in watching the movie through adult eyes, I can’t help but think of the movie in a different way. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the movie is great, but I see it in shades of gray rather than black and white. And my views have mostly changed concerning the characters.

Baroness Schraeder- I remember thinking that she was completely horrible for scaring Maria back to the Abbey and then pretending that she had no idea why Maria left. But for real, you can’t blame the woman. She’s practically engaged to the Captain, he has called her his savior, for goodness’s sake. Then up out of nowhere, this governess seems to be capturing the captain’s heart right out from under her nose. And to top all of it, said governess is quite oblivious to the effect that she’s been having on the Captain, so the Baroness can’t play by normal women’s rules. She was just trying to keep her man. Somehow, you can’t really make her into a bad guy, especially when the Captain proposes to her. And she does redeem herself completely in the end by cluing the Captain in to how he himself is feeling about Maria.

Rolf- I can’t help but pity Rolf. Sure, he wooed Liesel, and then dumped her when he got a confidence boost from being in the Nazi army. But, he was young and impressionable, and I’m sure that Hitler didn’t seem completely crazy when things first started out. He was only 17, just looking for somewhere to belong, and perhaps starting out with the intention of being impressive enough for the Captain to approve of.

Max- Dude, he’s totally the equivalent of the gay best friend in today’s times!!

Reverend Mother- Man, she’s really sneaky. She knew that Maria wasn’t cut it to be a nun, and she definitely manipulated Maria into going to the Von Trapp’s on two different occasions, no matter how much Maria pleaded.


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