Morning Person…Night Owl…

For someone who is definitely a night owl, I seem to be getting up awfully early for the past few weeks. And I’m not quite sure how I feel about it all. Theoretically, I work 3:30-9:30 almost every day, so it would make sense that I would stay up a bit later at night and then fully have the right to sleep in everyday because it wouldn’t really be considered sleeping in since my working hours aren’t the typical 9-5. But somehow that just hasn’t been the case for me.

This past week, I only got to sleep in on Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesday mornings, I teach at a kindergarten in Tajimi, and I have to be in Tajimi by 9:20 to catch the bus, so I have to up around 8 to get ready. Thursdays are my day off, but it’s also my chat with America time, so I’m up by 9 so that I can catch people in the right time zone. This Friday I talked with Kacey, so I was up early again. Saturdays I work at 10, so I’m up between 8 and 8:30. And Sunday is church. We have to leave the house by 10, so I’m up around 8:30. And hopefully, starting soon, I’ll be taking Japanese class on Wednesday mornings, so that’s another morning that I’ll be up early!

Man, life is rough when you’re a night owl but the rest of the world is a morning person!


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