As we all know, Japan and the States are quite different. I do my best to highlight those differences and today’s highlight is especially important to the well-being of me and Jen in Japan. What I’m talking about here are toothbrushes. Maybe you wonder why Jen and I always beg for toothbrushes in care packages from home. I mean, Japan has toothbrushes right? Kind of.

From looking at this photo, you might have a clue as to why we crave toothbrushes. On the left is my american toothbrush, complete with all the fancy things that every good toothbrush should have-plastic bristles for extra gum cleaning, a circular bristle pattern at the top to clean those hard to reach areas in the back, and a nice all-around bristle pattern for variety in my brushing. On the right is my Japanese toothbrush, and no, it’s not a kid’s toothbrush. This is an adult’s toothbrush in Japan complete with super soft bristles. You’re probably shocked right now.

But to your surprise, the Japanese are just as shocked to see my American toothbrush. They think they’re mammoth and can’t believe that we can even manage to brush our teeth without gagging. It’s crazy how different something as simple as a toothbrush can be in different cultures.

On a side note, I had to buy that toothbrush in Kyoto because I forgot to pack mine. I never really felt like my teeth were clean enough unless I brushed for like three minutes, seriously. I guess Japanese toothbrushes are one thing that I’ll never adjust to. So, please keep sending them!!


One thought on “Smile!

  1. barnes says:

    So the crappy toothbrushes mean one of two things:
    A) The Japanese toothpaste works almost too well.
    B) The Japanese collective dental hygiene is worse than England’s.

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