A Thursday List

Well, it’s my day off, and I have quite a few things to do today, but as we all may know about me, I’m not always so motivated to do the things that I have to do unless it’s written down. I really love to cross things off a to-do list, and it’s especially great when I have an absurdly long list and I can accomplish all of it. Hmm… I wonder where I get that from…Mamie! haha!! So, I thought I’d give you all out there a typical to-do list for me in Japan.

~Two loads of laundry

~Clean room



~Grocery store

~Skype with Kacey and Jess

~ESS Club in Fujigaoka

~Research hotels and activities for Thailand

~Fix black jacket

~Study Japanese

~Put away/Wash/Put away dishes


Hmm…I think that’s all. Time check- as of 10:30 AM, I’ve finished one load of laundry and have started the second, I’ve started to clean my room. It’s about 1/3 of the way done, and I’ve put away/washed dishes. I still have a long way to go…

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