Go Green

Things that I’ve learned in the course of Jen’s growing concern on global warming:

1. Cows give off a great carbon footprint and do more harm to the environment than transportation does. Basically, steak is a Hummer on a plate.

2. Every time you flush the toilet, you use 5-6 gallons of water. On a personal note, I’ve discovered that not flushing every time is really hard. It’s such an ingrained habit.

3. Though Japan is really good about recycling and littering, they kind of suck at their plastic consumption. Everything here is individually wrapped, even when things don’t need to be individually wrapped. They’re in love with plastic wrappers of all shapes and sizes. It’s a bit wasteful if you ask me.

4. Having your own Earth Hour once a week is actually pretty easy, and a bit romantic. But Jen and I aren’t interested in dating each other, so we just let that whole romantic part slide.

5. Being environmentally conscious is always a good idea, no matter how crazy you may seem at the get-go. We really only have one planet, and we’re doing a lousy job taking care of it.


2 thoughts on “Go Green

  1. jordan says:

    dude… you guys must have a massive toilet!!! mine flushes with less that 2 gallons… hmm… interesting!

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