Golden Week

Japan has this vacation called Golden Week. I’m pretty sure what happens is that there are several national holidays in the course of one week, so somewhere along the line, the Japanese government had a hey day and just decided to give people about a week’s worth of vacation. Of course, it depends on what days the holidays fall, but it’s a great vacation! And ECC, in order to be generous and keep the native teachers happy, always gives a full week’s worth of vacation, no matter what the actual Golden Week is.

So, this year, Golden Week starts on Friday and finishes on Tuesday. But for me, my vacation starts on Tuesday and ends on Tuesday. It’s truly a golden week for me, and I’m going to spend it sightseeing in Japan. One week-three cities. We’ll see how I survive. But as of right now, I’m excited!

Tuesday-Thursday- Kyoto and Nara

Friday-Sunday- Kanazawa

Monday-Tuesday- relaxing in Kasugai


3 thoughts on “Golden Week

  1. jordan says:

    i really thought that when i saw the title of this post that it would be about your experiences with not flushing your toilet anymore… i was wrong.

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