“Insert Soapbox Here”

I keep trying to write a new blog, but every time I come back to my site, I’m just hit by a new slew of hater comments. I mean, who knew that one innocent blog for the amusement of my friends would cause such a whiplash in the cyber world? And as much as I’ve tried to ignore it, I just can’t anymore. I should know myself better than that. So, thus follows my commentary and thoughts about the abundance of comments on my blog.

First, let’s start with a confirmation that this is a personal blog wherein I can write my opinions on anything I want in any fashion that I want because I’m pretty sure that’s what blogs were made for. I’m not a sanctioned NKOTB fansite. I checked my credentials just in case I had forgotten or it had been changed. So, given that crucial insight, I find it a little unbelievable that people would criticize me for writing my own opinion on my own blog. I mean, if I can’t do it here, then what the heck is the point of writing this?

And speaking of that, I never claimed that my blog was researched or completely factual. I believe I started the now infamous “NKOTB” blog by saying that I heard a rumor. And why would anyone even care how well-informed I was on a blog, when I didn’t even care myself?

And what’s with all of the harsh mud slinging anyway? I mean, I don’t go around posting hit and run hate comments on the blogs of people I don’t know just because I don’t agree with what they say. I just don’t think it’s called for in any situation, especially considering I have absolutely no idea who the heck any of these people are.

Along that vein, if what so many of these fans are telling me is true and that this reunion is strictly for the music and the fans, then why the heck should they care that there are people out there who aren’t fans? I’m sure that the members of NKOTB would not appreciate the fact that their reunion tour was being supported by fans who hated on anyone who wasn’t 1000% in love with the idea of a reunion. In fact, I know that they would disapprove because I checked out their site and they have their own blog. They are, in fact, encouraging everyone to check out their new album, no matter how supportive or skeptical they are. And they’re doing it in a positive, friendly way, imagine that. I can’t imagine that calling skeptics ‘ignorant’ or telling them to ‘stay in the basement where they belong’ is a good way to help people “see the error of their ways” for doubting the success of the NKOTB reunion.

Lately, I’ve been accused of being a “closet fan.” There’s no closet about it. I said in my blog that I thought they were awesome back in the day. I was a fan when I was seven, and then they broke up, and I moved on with my life. It’s that easy. I have their greatest hits album and I listen to it every once in a while when I’m feeling nostalgic or when I go on road trips. Just because I’m skeptic of their rebanding and new sound, doesn’t mean that I didn’t like them when they were first popular. I think that there are probably just as many people out there who are like me, and don’t think the reunion is the best idea ever. I just wish that I heard more of those comments on my blog. Then we could get a lively debate going. That would a lot of fun for me and my regular readers I’m sure.

But I do appreciate the friendlier comments that have gently corrected my misconception and encouraged me to check out the new NKOTB. Or the people who bothered to read my very nice follow-up blog with their new single included. But I guess you can’t win ’em all, especially when it comes to blockheads.

And thus concludes my blog on the aftermath of my original NKOTB blog. I hope that this will be the last, and I will feel free to continue my blog on in its typical fashion sooner rather than later.


One thought on ““Insert Soapbox Here”

  1. barnes says:

    The thing that sucks is that more people write crap before they think and that someone will probably find something to complain about this blog about commenting on blogs and make a complaint comment that isn’t insightful or good criticism.

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