I have this problem…

I discovered the other day the reason why I will never ever be an actress…other than the fact that I don’t have the necessary acting skills that is. And the reason is that I am completely incapable of keeping my head up when I walk up or down stairs. I found this out sort of by accident at the Kasugai train station the other day. I was trying to go down the steps while about a million people were coming up, and I nearly ran into at least five people because I was so focused on the step directly ahead of me.

At first I thought that it was kinda normal because people usually look down when they walk down steps. I mean, it’s the only smart way to keep yourself from plummeting to your death, or intense pain. But then I also noticed that I did it when I walked up stairs as well. So, I’m completely hopeless when it comes to stair usage.

And all I could think of was the scene in Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts descends the staircase in that gorgeous red dress, and I knew that my future aspirations as an actress were shot. Although, in an attempt to make myself a better human being, I have tried to get over this obsession with staring at my feet on the stairs. I usually look like a big moron, and it works better if I wear my glam sunglasses that make it difficult to discern where my eyes are looking. Otherwise, I just look like a frantic rabbit with the amount that my eyes flick up and down.


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