I heard a rumor that New Kids on the Block was reuniting and going on tour. Now, I have no idea the reliability of such a rumor considering the fact that I live in Japan, but I kind of hope this one’s not true. As awesome as they were back in the day, frankly, they’re just too old to even think about making a comeback as a successful boy band. I mean, they’re men, not boys after all. Two of the members, Joey and Jordan tried to establish solo careers about 8 or 9 years ago, and both were short-lived. I just don’t think that NKOTB has what it would take to keep up with this generation’s pop stars. Stay in the 90s where you belong NKOTB!

19 thoughts on “NKOTB

  1. Beks says:

    LOL! You must have been out of the loop.

    NKOTB are back and better than ever! Brand new album. Worldwide tour. And LOADS of fans still around across the world.

    And the guys still have solo careers that are doing well – they’re just doing this for now.

    But too old? Heard of The Rolling Stones or The Beatles or Madonna or Kylie or Cyndi Lauper for starters? LOL good one.

    Think you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see and hear what they’re doing.

  2. JW says:

    Honey, you need to check out their website (nkotb.com) and nkotbfans.com – the message boards on both have been blowing up! The fan base is still going strong; it’s even growing as the younger generation discovers them! Also a must – listen to the teaser on their website, a song called “Click, Click, Click” – it’s amazing – modern and sexy! They have, IMO, a brilliant comeback in the works!

  3. Karen says:

    NKOTB are back, stronger than ever! They were brilliant in the 90’s, and will be brilliant again in 2008. Hope you can be persuaded to change your mind once you hear their new music. As for being too old for a comeback? Have you seen them lately??? Check them out on NKOTB.com. There will be a lot of people there who don’t agree with you, which is why this reunion will be such a success …..

  4. Ava says:

    Wow, I’m really sorry you feel this way. You’re missing out on a phenomenon. NKOTB originated in the 80s and to have them come back better than ever will hit the music business HARD! Their new sound that’s been leaking all over the internet is current, sexy, and still New Kids style. Best of both worlds, past & present colliding into one. They were a great influence on their generation and I’m thankful they kept me on the right path. There’s no reason to hate on a group that created so many strong individuals. Hope you keep your mind open and take a peek at their music. The best part about this reunion is that they are not doing it for money. They are doing it for the love of making music and for the fans. No band/group/singer has ever shown this much love for their listeners.

  5. LisaV says:

    I am so sorry you feel this way. Oh, well. As the band says, this reunion is for their fans. So, that does not include you. Please stay home and enjoy your bitterness all to yourself.

  6. RIVERA says:

    I just finished listening to Nasri’s songs on his myspace and he is amazing. He is actually the reason the NKOTB is getting back together. Go check him out and have a listen you will love his music.

    My favorite song is “NOT THE SAME”

    He also co-wrote the new song Click Click Click and “summertime” for the NKOTB.



  7. ladyjaye says:

    Leave NKOTB alone, vent out your frustration to somebody else. If ur having a midlife crisis, and think of yourself as old maybe you are! NKOTB IS BETTER THAN EVER. Get used to it coz you’ll be seeing and hearing more from them.

  8. ishkabar says:

    yeah NKOTB are so great. youre such a loser if you dont like them. they changed my life. they are the best group IN THE WORLD. if you dont agree, then just go be your sorry aging self and leave the NKOTB alone!!!


  9. Brenda says:

    Too old?!?!?!?!!! I don’t think so! Have you seen them? They are HOT!! And they sound HOT!! About the solo careers, you are very wrong in your statement. There was 3 of the NKOTB that ARE doing solo stuff. Danny was is doing solo and he, along with the others sound GREAT!! I’m sorry you feel that way, but I do think you are way off the mark. You should check out nkotb.com or nkotbfans.com and see the outpouring of love for this great group of guys. If you don’t like them, fine. With that in mind, why waste your time and everyone else’s spewing negative comments. Keep it to yourself.

  10. JMMfan74 says:

    Where have you been? Joe and Jordan have been recording albums all along… as well as Danny. Donnie is an established actor to boot.
    I respect your decision not to like them but if you want to critique them at least do your homework first before writing such things because it makes you less credible.
    I also have to say I always have and still like them all as well as fellow Blockheads (as their fans are called just in case you didn’t know) I chat with on nkotbfans.com ‘s message board and nkotb.com ‘s community board.

  11. Candy says:

    Too old?? Oh please!!! People in their 30’s are now considered old? These guys are ALL very talented, very HOT, and have reunited to make their millions of fans happy. Us fans have waited a long time for this are excited beyond words to have NKOTB back. Maybe you should do a little research before you write articles, because it might help if you actually knew what you were talking about. That being said, have a splendid day!

  12. Nessa says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble babe, but there are many many people out there who disagree with you. Take a look at NKOTB.com and NKOTBfans.com. New Kids on the Block are back and better than ever! Too old? What are you talking about? Are Take That too old? Is Madonna too old? What about Bob Dylan? You’re never too old to make good music.
    I suggest you do some homework before you blog again, because the facts speak for themselves. Jordan, Danny and Joe have had success with their solo careers. Just because it’s not like the dizzy heights of yesteryear, it doesn’t mean they didn’t do well. And all three of them were doing it for the love of the music, not the money. Donnie has been successful in acting, and Jon was doing his thing in Real Estate. Good for them, right?
    You’re entitled to your opinion of course, but don’t comment on stuff you know hardly anything about.

  13. sweet_thaang says:

    The fact that you are *NOT* a fan (I hope I am right in assuming that, but please correct me if I am wrong) however, you took the time and energy to write a blog AND search & post a video makes me think one thing – I’m thinking CLOSET FAN!!! If you couldn’t care less about NKOTB and their return, you wouldn’t even bother to devote any time to them, post about them, etc. It’s a shame for you though – If you don’t know by now, their fan base has continued to remain very strong throughout the years – the fans have continued to support Jordan through his solo career, Joe through his acting, dancing, and solo career, Donnie through his sucessful acting career, Danny through his singing/songwriting career, and Jon through his real estate projects.

    Their loyal fans have stuck by them for 20 years and been loyal supporters in whatever they have chosen to do – now we get a once in a lifetime chance to experience a reunion tour after 15 years and we couldn’t be happier. They are back, better than ever, and it’s a shame that you are too busy filling yourself with negative thoughts when all you really want to do is get out your NKOTB hats, shirts, jackets, dolls, and bed sheets, buy that front row ticket to their concert, and rock out to Hangin Tough – just like old times!

    Stop being a hater, it’s bad for your complexion and you want to get that sweetheart photo with Donnie this time around, don’t you?? 😉

  14. Diane says:

    Do you even realize how many people have been waiting for this? They still have a HUGE fan base. No doubt you are going to eat your words.

  15. JenniePennie says:

    Uhm, too old??
    I don´t think so sweetie.
    And just because Danny, Joey and Jordan´s solo projects aren´t as huge as NKOTB once were, doesn´t mean it´s not successful.
    These guys are out there doing what they want, their way.
    This time around it´s ALL about the music.
    They´ve got nothing to prove, they´ve already done it all.
    One might think that since you took your time to blog about the reunion there must be at least a tiny bit of interest otherwise you wouldn´t have gone trhough all the trouble.

    Can we say: Closetfan…?

    Don´t wait up when we hit the shows, we won´t be home until early mornin´…

  16. Mariah says:

    You know, why would you want the same amount f insanity all over again? Joey, Jordan, and Danny’s solo careers are not about just getting another hit, they are about personal fulfillment. Listen to Joe’s 2001 ‘Meet Joe Mac’, it’s an amazing and underappreciated record because it was released so quietly.

    And not only will they keep up with today’s pathetic pop stars, they will beat them down!


  17. JBenner says:

    Whoa, so I totally was reading your more current blogs (I have been SOOOO not near the internet for a while) and you referenced this one and. . . wow. Here’s my theory:

    The people who wrote you really awesome “Oh man. You’re missing out! Go check ’em out!” posts are adults.

    The haters are about 13.

    I hope I’m not wrong, because it would be really embarrassing for somebody older than that to be so opposed to you expressing your opinion on your own blog. Just sayin’.

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