Day 5- Kasugai

After only one day, I love my Saturday schedule about a thousand times more than last year’s. The day goes by so quickly, and I finish so early, if you can consider 4 on a Saturday afternoon early. On Saturdays, I have a BW, BY, FTLs, and a PIN. Now, if you’ve noticed, I’ve taught all these classes already earlier in the week, so Saturday is also a pretty easy day for me, no stressing out about what will and won’t work in class.

BW- This could very well be my favorite class of the week. Five cute, cute, cute 6 and 7 year olds can’t be bad, especially when the combination is two extremely genki boys and three super sweet girls. They love playing games and being silly, and one little boy definitely said to the other during class that ECC was really fun! Of course, he said it in Japanese, his English is not that good. But that really made my week!

BY- As much as I like the kids, this could very well be my problem class of the year. The kids are smart, but they don’t really listen all that much. I hope that they just need to adjust to me as their teacher, especially considering that their teacher last year was a very tall, in charge, British guy. I’m a little bit different, not much I know, but maybe enough that the kids are just testing their limits with me. We’ll see how it goes.

PIN- Now, normally, I have four students, but two of them were absent this week, so it was just me, and two men for 80 minutes. But surprisingly though, the time went by very quickly and I enjoyed it immensely. Hopefully, once my other two students are back, there’ll be more discussion amongst themselves. But in all fairness, it was the first lesson, and they were a little unsure of how I roll. A situation that will quickly be remedied I hope!


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