Day 4- Tajimi

Well, I’m back at Tajimi on Fridays, but no worries, because I love Tajimi school. Since it’s currently Monday, I’m a little fuzzy as to what my Thursdays are like, but I’ll give it my best shot. I have FTLs, an AL, a BY, and a JA.

AL- This 40 minute class is for 3-4 years old, and they take this class with a guardian. I usually have two kids, but this week, the little girl didn’t come, so it was just me, a little boy, and his mom. Now, both of these students are transfers from another ECC, so our staff knew nothing about them. And for the first 7-10 minutes of class, my little boy didn’t want to do anything at all. I don’t know whether or not he was shy, tired, hated English, or what, but there was a lot of pressure because it was just us. There were no other kids to help him get excited about English class. But somehow, a simple game of “Roll the gigantic die and point to different body parts” really livened the little guy up. He doesn’t like songs or dancing, but he loves games, so it’ll be an interesting year for sure. I have to wonder what the little girl will be like.

BY- This class is mainly 7 year old, seven of them to be exact. They’re smart and cute, and six of them took the same class together last year, so they’re already friends. Not much to report here, except that they’re all really well-behaved kids. I can thank last year’s teacher for that, and I do that now.

JA- Junior high kids are always a wild card because you just never know what their mood will be when you walk into class. I can only say this because I teach junior high kids, and I actually used to be one and had many of those mood swings. They were not pleasant. Just ask my parents. But this 25 minute class has three junior high students, two guys and a girl, who are absolutely awesome! This year for our J-level courses, we’ve completely reformatted them, so I think the teachers and the students are still getting the swing of things. It used to be that a native teacher would bounce in every four weeks, review all the vocab and structures from the past four weeks, play lots of games for 40 minutes, and then bounce out. But now, the native teacher comes in every week, reviews the vocab and dialog from the Japanese teacher, and teaches new vocab and dialog, but in 25 minutes time. Well, I can’t not have fun in class, so in my JA class last week, I made the guys do the girl’s part of the dialog in a girl voice and then girls do the guy’s part in a guy voice. They laughed for about three minutes before they could even do the dialog. And what’s nice about JA is that the A stands for Advanced, so their English is really good, and I can make jokes and be silly with them. The rest of the class was pretty laid-back, but still fun. When I finished, Chris, the Japanese staff told me that those three were really shy and don’t usually talk much in class. Imagine my surprise!


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