Day 3- Kurokawa

I would have to say that Kurokawa is the easiest day of my week, which is really nice since it’s in the middle of the week. Kurokawa is the most difficult of my schools to get to since I have to change from the train to the subway, but it’s not the furthest away, unless I miss my subway time and have to wait five minutes for the next one. But Kurokawa is a familiar school because I taught there last year on Saturdays, so there was no need for me to orientate myself to the school or staff. I teach a BW, PBY, and a lot of FTLs.

BW- This class is absolutely awesome!! BW is a 60 minute class for 6-7 year olds who are new to the whole English scene, or maybe weren’t quite ready or old enough to go on to BY. And I really have to say that the staff did an ingenious job of putting this class together because it’s made up of 6 extremely cute, extremely genki little girls. The first class, we all just had a heyday giggling and doing cute girly things like running around in a circle with our hands linked. And so far, these girls are pretty smart, so I think it’s gonna be a fantastic year. I do have a few shy girls, but that makes me like them even more because when they do have fun and get something, their smiles are even bigger!

PBY- This is a private BY class. The whole reason that I got assigned to Kurokawa is because of this class with my private student from last year, Wakana. This is about the easiest 40 minutes of my life because I don’t have to make any big prep plans for class with her because I already know what games she likes, and she’s so smart that sometimes she’ll ask me if we can play a certain game. During our lesson, she mastered all the vocab and structures in under five minutes, so we got to play games for the rest of the time. Personally, I think it’s a great way to learn English.

FTLs- I like Kurokawa students because they’re really laid-back and fun. I have one adult student who’s in his fifties and he’s great. He really wants to learn English, so he tries really hard, has lots of questions, and he’s super polite. I enjoy my class with him a lot.

Another added bonus to my day at Kurokawa is that I work with another native teacher, Michael. He’s from Australia, and he’s just lovely, lots of fun to talk to and an overall great person! And finally, Kurokawa is my short day, and I actually get off before nine! Okay, it’s five minutes before nine, but who cares. For pictures of Kurokawa school, check out my photo links on the sidebar.


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