Day 2- Tajimi

Let me just start by saying that I love Tajimi school! Everything about it is fabulous, especially the staff! Again, I work by myself, but it’s okay because the staff are fabulous, and it’s a pretty busy day, so I wouldn’t have time to talk to anyone anyway. On Tuesdays, I have an AJ, AM, FTLs, and a PIN.

AJ- Yep, folks, another one, but these cuties are just as adorable as the ones at Kasugai and the moms are just as lovely.

I\'m the one without a kid, also the only non-Asian.

The girl on the left is Mihiro. She loves to speak English and sing and she’s really smart. She’s only 2, but I know she’s gonna be a heartbreaker! Also, at first, Mihiro’s mom didn’t want to be in the picture, and it looked like I was a mom. Haha! Moe, in the middle, just turned 3 yesterday, and she loves doing all the commands, like jumping and especially swimming! And you can’t tell, but her mom’s pregnant, and I seriously had to restrain myself from touching her cute pregnant belly! And last, but not least, is Taisei, who’s only 1 1/2. This is his first English class ever, and he was so shy and quiet. But you can’t blame the little guy. He just had to get accustomed to things, and before the end of the class, he was giving me high fives. We still have to work on dancing though.

AM- Wow! This class was a handful, but I think it’ll get better with time. Five little cuties, three girls and two boys. The one little boy was so extremely shy and his mom had to come into the class with him. He didn’t make it through an entire class, but bonus points for me, he didn’t cry! He also didn’t make eye contact ever, but one brick at a time. I like the other kids a lot, but they’re extremely genki. But, they think everything I do is the funnest thing ever. It should be an interesting 50 minutes every week.

FTLs- Well, you know the drill. But I only have three on Tuesdays.

PIN- This is my adult regular lesson. PIN stands for Pre-Intermediate Conversation. Each lesson lasts for 80 minutes, and though it sounds long, you’d be surprised how quickly time flies by. I have six students, five lovely ladies and one humorous guy. It feels like Gifu all over again. Now, PI levels are the first adult lesson level taught entirely by a native teacher. Before this, students are with a Japanese teacher, talking mostly grammar. So, inevitably, some of my students who have upgraded from an EM class felt extremely nervous and felt that the class was a little difficult. But I personally thought they did wonderfully, and I’m really looking forward to getting to know them all as the year goes on. I think that they all have fun personalities, and have great potential to be just as genki as me in class, and they all seem to have a great sense of humor which is a bonus for me!

Yay for Tajimi!


One thought on “Day 2- Tajimi

  1. JBenner says:

    So you’ve finally seen a pregnant Japenese woman! If you want to see so many you lose track, go to Tokyo Sea Disney. Probably also Tokyo Disney. It was absurd!!

    unrelated, but: thanks again for letting me stay with you for a week and a half!! It was so much fun 😀

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