Day 1- Kasugai

On Mondays I work by myself over at Kasugai. Well, I have the school staff Nana and Atsuko to keep me company, so that’s a good thing. My day consists of an AJ, BY, FTL, JE, and occasionally, an HA.

AJ- I have four students, all aged three, along with their moms. There are two boys and two girls, and along with their moms, they’re just so so cute! The class goes for 30 minutes, and we sing lots of songs, watch a lame video, and play lots of simple games. I personally love AJ lessons, but they do take forever to prepare because there are so many materials to get ready for such a short time. But more about the kids- I have two shy kids, and two really happy smiley ones. I think it’s a good combination, especially since the shy ones got over being shy within two minutes of being in the class. One little boy Yuuki just stood in front of me the whole time, looked up at me with a smile and did everything that I did. He was just adorable!

BY- This lesson is for 7-8 yr olds who’ve had previous English experience. I have 8 really genki kids- three boys and five girls. This could prove to be an extremely tiring hour for me, following the AJ, but since I’m also extremely genki in class, I think it’ll work out well. One good thing is that the kids are all pretty smart, and they actually listen to me, which is a huge step up from my kids class last year. I do have two little chatty Cathy’s in my class, Airi and Mirei, but I think they were just excited to see each other for the first time in a while.

FTLs- Well, if you’re wondering about these, go find my blog about how they work. Kasugai students are great, and I’m looking forward to getting to know them better this year.

JE- This class is going to be very interesting. I teach it every week for 25 minutes with 5 junior high kids- three boys and two girls. Three of the kids are as smart as a whip, and the other two have great potential. They just need to relax a bit and not feel so shy. It’s an interesting class for me because I like to play games and I teach it in the kids classroom. They want to enjoy the games that we play and how silly I am, but since they’re in junior high, they’re also trying really hard to be cool. I just laughed sometimes in class. Hopefully, they’ll loosen up a bit.

More on the HA once I actually teach it!


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