The People You See in Starbucks

Jess and I have decided that in addition to making meal dips every time that we’re together, we also need to add people watching at Starbucks to our list of required must-dos. We have a grand old time watching people and making up little stories about their lives.

So, today, after a full day of shopping, Jess and I meandered over to the Starbucks in Sakae so that we could enjoy a drink and people watch for a while. But, to our dismay, our usual seats at the front window were taken, so we were forced to ascend to the second floor. We found seats outside on a small balcony and were relaxing, just enjoying our various flavors of frappuccinos, when I glanced in and saw this girl. She had absolutely horrible hair! But Jess was facing away from the inside seating area, so it was up to me to describe this hair to Jess. And here was my description verbatim:

“Okay, Jess, there’s this girl with horrible hair! She’s wearing a headband, but her hair’s in a ponytail. But it’s only half up and the ponytail is on the crown of her head, but on the left side. And it’s a ratty ball.”

And I tell you what, when Jess got a chance to glimpse at this girl when we were leaving, she just laughed and said that I had described it perfectly. It was junior high girl hair on a woman who was clearly not junior high aged. But, in her defense, I will say that we all have those bad hair days…but maybe never when I’m on a coffee date with a guy…But then again, I don’t think I’ve ever been on a coffee date, so that just throws that theory out the window.


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