The Chikusa Underground Shopping District…

doesn’t exist!

But for real, on our way home from massive amounts of shopping, Jess and I decided to check out the Chikusa underground shopping district. I mean, there’s a big sign for it at the subway station, so we thought that it must be pretty cool. We followed the sign, walked through this sketch hallway with some shops, including of course, the ever-present conveni, made it to the other side, and looked for signs to direct us to the shopping district…only we didn’t see any signs. So, we went up the nearest exit, thinking that maybe there was another entrance not attached to the subway. Uh, yeah, not so much. We were so confused and felt slightly jipped. But rather than walk back in the entrance that we had just exited, we decided to just walk to the JR train from the outside. The only problem with that was that although we could see the JR station, we couldn’t figure out how to get to it for a while. We eventually had to walk across an overhead bridge to cross over the station and then enter. It was quite an adventure for their being no shopping district!


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