Mornings are not the Best

Jen went to this new grocery store yesterday and brought home all kinds of goodies, including blue potato chips. No joke people, apparently, potatoes can be naturally blue. Exhibit A:

So, Jess wanted to try some of them. The following was our conversation.

Jess: I wanna try these blue chips, but I’m a little nervous about them being blue.

Rachael: I’m sure that they taste exactly the same. They’re just made with blue corn, instead of yellow corn.

Jess: ::Gives me a funny look::

Rachael: Or, they’re not made with corn at all because they’re made with potatoes. That’s probably why they’re called “potato chips.”

Jess: In the states, they probably do have corn.

So, umm, mornings aren’t really my forte. But apparently, they aren’t Jess’s either because she attempted to pour ten chips onto her plate, but this happened instead. Exhibit B:

And finally, to top off the stupidity of my morning behavior, I tried to take a picture of the chips, but forgot how to work my Photo Booth. All I wanted to do was change it from sepia to regular color. Instead, I clicked the shutter button. And I couldn’t think through things enough to get out of the frame. This was my only defense. Exhibit C:


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