Mornings are not the Best pt. 2

As I was writing the last blog, Jess was doing a crossword puzzle. She was asking for my help and one of the clues was “roe provider.” Here’s the conversation.

Jess: Roe are fish eggs right? What fish is four-letters and ends in a-d?

Rachael: Uhh..triad, boad?

Jess: Yeah, I couldn’t think of anything either. I went through my list of fish and nothing worked. What are the roe fish anyway, salmon, trout, cod. Then I just ran out of ideas.

Rachael: Tuna…

Jess: Or snail.

Rachael: Snails don’t have eggs.

Jess: Yeah, they do- escargo.

Rachael: That’s actual snails, not eggs.

Jess: Umm…yeah, they are…oh wait, that’s caviar.

But, actually, caviar is just another fancy name for fish eggs. But after that whole conversation, I didn’t want to burst her bubble. And in case you were wondering, the answer to the question was “shad.”


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