End of the Year in Gifu

My regular lesson students at Gifu were so much fun this year! I looked forward to every class with them, and when the time came to tell them that I wouldn’t be teaching at Gifu next year, their first reaction, besides sadness, was to tell me that we had to have a party. Of course, I willingly agreed! So, for our last lesson, everyone brought snacks, complete with a sandwich platter, and we just chatted and had fun conversation for an hour and a half. The best part was when we made Gorou, our only male student, tell us about a past love. He’s so good humored that he shared without skipping a beat.

But, that party was just not enough, so last night on Sunday, I again traveled to Gifu and we had a dinner party at the restaurant right below the ECC. Now, I had walked by this restaurant every single week for three months, and from the outside, it looks extremely sketch. It looks like this place with a counter that seats a maximum of six people and serves you questionable food. But we walked in, and this place opened up into this giant luxury palace of a restaurant. We went down to the basement level, which was actually a private party room. We got to sit at couches as we ate our humongous four-course meal. That’s right, I said four-course- a squid salad, pasta with shrimp and capers, your choice of chicken curry or a whitefish/radish rendevous (I went with the rendezvous), and your choice of chocolate cake or vanilla churros, served with after-dinner coffee or tea. It was a meal fit for a king! Then we played bingo, compliments of my student Kae, and we all won prizes. And of course, we had to take lots of cute group photos.

And then we walked to a park and checked out the cherry blossoms at night. It was absolutely gorgeous, and unfortunately, the pictures that I took do absolutely no justice to the blooms at night. So, all in all, it was a top night, and my students all really liked meeting Jess and having fun together! Man, I’m gonna miss them!

Here are photo links to some fun times in Gifu with my students.




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