A Second Party

Last month two of my coworkers got married and they invited me to their second party. It sounds a little strange, but in Japan, it’s totally not. In Japan, there’s the wedding and reception, both of which are very formal events. But afterwards, there’s the second party, which is for friends and coworkers, and is much more relaxed. There’s usually eating/snacking, drinking, and games. I was pretty excited to go one, because it was my first second party in Japan, and two (and more importantly) the bride and groom, Tomoko and Simon, were both coworkers of mine that I absolutely love!

The party was great fun and I had a great time, despite getting lost on the way there. Nagoya is kind of a confusing town for me, especially at night when all you have for reference is a crappy map with place names all written in kanji. But I made it after asking for directions from a girl handing out pamphlets. I was pretty proud of myself. But I can only hope that I look half as beautiful as Tomoko did should I ever get married. She was absolutely stunning!



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