Room 3 is Occupied

Jess is officially here! After about 80 hours of travel and 16 different trains in Japan, she made it to Nagoya, and more specifically, Kasugai. And okay, maybe it wasn’t quite 80 hours, and the number of trains was only 3, but I’m sure to Jess, it did seem like that. To me, transferring trains and having long waits in between transfers has become completely normal, but I think back and can totally remember has long and weird everything seemed.

Last night she was just hanging out with us in the apartment, and it was a bit strange to see her there. Not strange as in I wish she hadn’t come, but strange because Jen and I are so used to it just being the two of us, and plus, seeing someone from my life in the US a part of my life in Japan is kinda surprising. I think that Jen and I can forget sometimes that we’re foreigners, and Jess being here just reminds us that we aren’t Japanese.

Two things have come of Jess’s visit already, and she’s been here less than 24 hours. One, as before mentioned, Jen and I were reminded that we are, in fact, foreigners. Two, we both realized that we are way more like a married couple than we previously thought we were. No joke!

But today, Jess and I are off adventuring on my day off!


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