Earth Hour

This evening from 8-9, Jen and I participated in Earth Hour by turning our lights off for the whole hour to show our support for the need to take action to stop global warming.

And for us, Earth Hour consisted of lying in our living room with the candles lit and having good discussion about a variety of serious topics. But in actuality, if that’s all you need to do for Earth Hour, we probably have our own Earth Hour nearly every week.

And furthermore, Jen and I are pretty environment savvy over here in Japan. We both work in the evenings, so our lights and other appliances are off for a large chunk of the time that most other people use them. And we’re all about recycling, as are pretty much all Japanese. We sort our garbage really well, and recycle what we’re able to.

So, if you’re reading this in the states, it’s not too late for you to participate in Earth Hour. Just turn your lights off from 8-9 PM on March 29th, and enjoy life in candlelight. Check out for more information and a chance to sign up!


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