So We Come to the End of the Road

Yes, I just had to use a Boys 2 Men song to express my feelings on this subject. The school year is finishing this week, Thursday to be exact. Although, contrary to Boys 2 Men, it’s not unnatural, and neither do I feel that all my students belong to me. And along those lines, that’s a little too possessive in my mind to say that someone belongs to you. Hmm…the quality of love songs…

But that’s all beside the point of this blog. I am now in the final two days of my 2007-08 school year! I know that I should sound so excited to finish, because I really do enjoy all my students and will miss them, but I’m so sick of long commutes and crazy days. I’m just excited to have my own schedule with my own students from day one. So, the past week has been a week of goodbyes, and it has been sad, especially yesterday at Obata. The students and the staff there are just so lovely, that I’m really going to miss them and it was a school that I was really bummed not to go to again next year. But, I’ve definitely been taking photos with students and saying my goodbyes.

Today is my last day at Ichinomiya, but last week was my last kid’s class there!! I know that I sound really excited to be done with that class, and I am really excited, but if you had that class you’d totally understand. They were really sweet and really smart, but not so well-behaved. I kinda felt like a zoo keeper every week in class. So, last week was supposed to be a review lesson of the past three weeks. We basically spent in playing all their favorite games, and the last ten minutes was devoted to an intense game of boys vs. girls dodgeball. It was pretty awesome! I don’t know how the parents or staff watching felt about it, but at least when my kids left they were smiling and thought that English was great!


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