Reasons to Go to Spain

Now, let me preface by saying that Discoverer’s are my favorite level students. Usually, they’re pretty excited about learning English, but their vocabulary isn’t the greatest and they’re just starting to learn complex structures. Now, maybe that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, but I’m going to tell you why I love it so much.

Yesterday during FTLs, I had a Discoverer lesson. My students, four men, were talking and using the structure “do you wanna,” ex. ‘Do you wanna go abroad?’ ‘How do you wanna use your English?’ They were doing a fantastic job with the whole “wanna” concept and two of them were talking about traveling abroad. My one student was explaining that he really wanted to go to Spain. When asked why he said that he wanted to see the fighting cows.  I really almost started laughing at that point. But the kicker is that he knew that fighting cows was not correct, and he looked at me for an explanation. When I told him that he wanted to see a bullfight, the three of us really did start laughing at the use of fighting cows. And even though it was extremely hilarious, I had to give the guy major props. He didn’t know the vocab, and instead of just skipping it, he worked out a good alternate explanation. It sounded hysterical, but I knew exactly what he was talking about. He still communicated his point, and he ended up doing it with humor. And the best part was that since he had already said fighting cows, I didn’t have to explain bullfight to his partner! But then his partner was talking about the man who fights the bulls, you know the one with the red carpet…oh well, you can’t win every conversation.

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