Play Dough Meets Black Dress

Today I wore a very cute, yet professional black dress to work because the weather is getting warmer and next school year, I will be teaching kids everyday so won’t be able to wear skirts or dresses to work anymore. I was in the lobby area talking to one of my adult students when my coworker’s class finished and all of the kids came out bearing large handfuls of homemade play dough. The kids were all very cute and excited about their play dough and they were all different bright shades. Now there are two cute girls that I usually talk to after their class before my lesson begins. And I think that they also have a mini crush on my student Ryousuke. Granted, they’re probably 7 and he’s 22, but that’s not important here.

So, since I’m talking to him, of course they come right over. The four of us talk for a few minutes and then I head off to my lesson.But before I go I give them high-fives. Now, I’m not really sure how this all progressed, but somehow they ended up chasing me and trying to tickle me. Normally, this is never a problem, and I usually find it quite fun, but today they had florescent yellow-green play dough hands. By the time I got away from them and started my lesson, some key parts of my dress were definitely covered in bright yellow-green play dough flour that took forever to come off! Luckily, my student was a really fun high school year and she just thought it was hysterical.

All in all, it was pretty funny, but I’ll just have to take more care in the future to avoid small children with florescent homemade play dough!


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