The Unloved Cushions

This evening I was cleaning the living room, and while I was sweeping, I noticed the pile of cushions that sit next to our couch. In total, I think there are about six cushions just waiting to accommodate any guests that we might have over. But then I started to feel bad for those cushions because Jen and I never use them. We’re pretty routine. I always use the large pink cushion to sit on and she always uses the funky patterned yellow one. I actually felt a moment of compassion for these poor unused cushions.

It made me think of Beauty and the Beast actually when Lumiere sings “Be Our Guest.” One of his lines is that “life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving. They have no chance to use their skills.” And I totally related that line to our unused cushions. They can’t do their job to keep people’s butts comfy because we don’t have enough butts to put on them.

And then I thought it was kinda weird that I felt sorry for an inanimate object that obviously has no feelings whatsoever whether or not it’s getting frequent use. But in spite of all that, I think that I’m going to use some of those neglected cushions this evening.


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