Our Rice Cooker

Because Japan uses rice for pretty much every single meal, they have made a wonderful appliance to accommodate people’s rice needs. Of course, Jen and I also have our very own rice cooker, thanks to our friend Chris. We only use it about once a week though. Tonight was one of those nights.

Rice Cooker

Now usually, I’m running around getting the rest of dinner ready, but tonight’s meal was pretty simple, so I was sitting at the table using my computer when I heard all of these crazy noises coming from the rice cooker. I looked over and saw bubbles coming out of the vent on top of the cooker. But instead of freaking out, my first instinct was to get my camera. haha!


This was probably one of the smaller bubbles. So, of course, my curious nature took hold and I had to see what was going on inside the rice cooker. I managed to grab a quick shot before being overwhelmed by the steam. It was super bubbly in there!



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