A Strange Day on the Train

Normally, the train is a pretty normal place. Albeit, there are a few odd people who ride the rails, but for the most part, it’s pretty uneventful. But today on the way to church, Jen and I just came across the most random people. I think our favorite was this girl who was maybe in her early 20’s. She was all decked out in typical young Japanese glam girl fashion- lots of makeup, huge hair, short shorts, and heels.

Before we got on the train, she totally gave Jen the eye, and then once on the train, we found ourselves standing next to her, and then she gave me the eye. So, okay, that’s not too bad. Who cares if some girl shoots you a nasty look on the train? But then, here’s the kicker. She was listening to her headphones, and after staring us down, she turns away and starts to sing “Natural Woman,” very poorly, I might add. It was really all Jen and I could do not to laugh hysterically. Please keep in mind that we’re on a crowded train, and she’s standing fairly close to other people as well. And then she tops it all off by adding the hand motions for when she’s hitting higher notes or lower notes. I knew that I would start laughing, so I just started talking to Jen to keep my mind off of her, and before we knew it, she looked at us again, and then proceeded to move an entire door down. Apparently, she didn’t appreciate the fact that we didn’t appreciate her singing. But come on, what do you expect when you’re singing horribly on the train on a Sunday morning, especially from two foreigners who know exactly how “Natural Woman” is supposed to sound.

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