Speaking of Pets…

Around the time that I moved in, our apartment building also got a notice that it was now acceptable to own pets. Jen and I both thought that this was great news…until a few weeks ago. We started hearing this barking at the most horrible times, like 1 AM or 8 AM. But the dog also barks all throughout the day as well. And it’s one of those high-pitched annoying barks as well. So, Jen and I were getting a bit frustrated and annoyed with this mystery dog somewhere in our building, but we couldn’t figure out where exactly the dog lived.

Until one day, Jen got in the elevator and who else should get in, but a woman holding a small yippy-looking dog. Yes, you guessed it, this was the dog who was annoying us. While the woman wasn’t looking, Jen shot the dog the stare of death, and when the woman got off the elevator, Jen craned her head around, and realized that the dog lives in the apartment directly below us!!

So, we’ve had to endure listening to this dog bark at the worst possible times of day. And we were both thinking that if the dog is annoying us this much, how is the owner not equally if not more annoyed to be awoken at 2 in the morning to her dog barking for seemingly no good reason.

Annoying barking-yet another reason why I’m SO not a dog person!


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