Crazy Dreams

I’ve been having these completely insane dreams lately, so if you should happen to get a panicked email from me it’s probably because I had a dream about you and know need to check out the real-life situation. I don’t usually remember my dreams, so it’s a bit unusual that I would remember them for so many days in a row. But last night I definitely dreamt partially in Japanese. Mind you that I don’t know enough Japanese to actually dream in Japanese, but it’s funny what your mind does in dreams. And for some added information, I remembered some of the words, and even though the grammar was correct, the words themselves were complete nonsense. And it seems that everyone around me has been either having crazy dreams lately as well, or are just choosing this point in time to tell me about them. My nights have been interesting to say the least.
But don’t worry discipleship chain, I’ve not had any engagement dreams.

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