Yearbook Photos

So, the other night, Jen and I were a bit bored, so of course we decided to surf the internet. We were looking at some facebook pictures, and we saw all of the latest photos of Emma, Chad and Sarah’s daughter. Now, no offense because she’s really cute, but Emma always seems to have this “deer caught in the headlights” look on her face. And Jen and I were in a bit of a crazy mood, and it prompted a discussion of yearbook photos, and that in turn got us laughing about all the horrible photos that we’ve taken in the past, which then prompted a photo shoot with our MacBooks. This went on for at least a good half hour and then we started making videos as well. We had a grand time and I hope you enjoy watching the photo shoot half as much as we enjoyed doing it.


4 thoughts on “Yearbook Photos

  1. barnes says:

    nice. i just experienced every face you made that I have witnessed during college on YouTube. Gotta love technology. I miss you, friend. Email me your address and an American goody wish list so I can send you and Jen some stuff back from the States. Hope all is well.

  2. PAM says:

    Too funny – reminds me of the movie 16 candles and michael anthony hall . I expected you to start doing the walk like an egyptian dance at any moment

  3. curtis says:

    ray how bored where you? i hope that wasn’t your saturday night!!! oh and remember your mom wants grand kids some day so wipe the grudge face off and get yo grudge on at the club (he he he)

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