They Make Rules for a Reason

All over the subway doors they have signs that say “don’t run for the door because you could do some major damage to your extremities.” Okay, maybe the signs don’t precisely say that, but they’re in Japanese. I can make out door and “OW!!” Cut a girl some slack. Before today, I never took those signs all that seriously. I mean, who would actually need to get on the subway or train that badly that they would be in fear of shutting their hand or foot in the door. Well, today I stand corrected.

Today I was on the subway not really paying much attention to the happenings around me. i was preoccupied with thoughts of work, but I happened to glance at the doors as they were shutting and saw this woman snake her way onto the subway car. I mean, for real, she had to sneak in sideways to make it past the doors. I was about to be impressed with her skills when I noticed that she was making a fuss. And then me and everyone else in proximity to the door realized that she was not as quick as she seemed because her very expensive Louis Vuitton purse had been shut in the subway doors!! She had a hold on her handles, but the purse itself was stuck outside getting prepared for an outdoor subway experience. Fortunately, the doors and/or the conductor must’ve noticed that something was amiss and the doors reopened to let the woman pull her bag in.

It was all I could do not to laugh quite heartily at the situation. But I managed to contain myself because it really would not have been cool for the foreigner of all people to bust out laughing. And for as much as she busted into that train, she got off at the very next station. I mean, she could’ve easily walked that distance. Maybe she was embarrassed, but it kinda defeated the whole purpose of sacrificing your purse to begin with.

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