A Blogging Dilemma

Dear Viewers,

I’ve come to a very important conclusion. As much as I love writing blogs about completely random things, I really like reading other people’s blogs just a bit more. But the problem lies in the fact that I know very people who keep a blog and actually keep up with it. Even my beloved roommate has not updated her blog since Saturday, and refuses to update for reasons unbeknown to me. So, listen to my heartfelt plea and update you blog and let me know about it! Because if you’re not a regular blogger, I stop checking your page.

Love, Rachael


2 thoughts on “A Blogging Dilemma

  1. jordan says:

    you need to look into subscribing to people’s rss feeds. that way you don’t have to actually go to their blog to find out if they’ve posted anything new! that’s how i do it, and it’s such a time saver! plus it helps you not get mad when someone doesn’t update for a long time.

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