A Human Zoo

Sometimes I think that riding on the train is like visiting a zoo. You have to pay an admission fee to view the people. There are a lot of people in a small space, and you can see the strangest people while you’re on the train.  Here are some examples:

~I saw a woman on the Meitetsu curling her hair with a battery-powered curling iron. It’s not all that unusual to see women doing their makeup, but curling hair was a first. And it was just before 10 on a Tuesday evening. Who needs to be doing their hair at that time of night?

~Going to work a few days ago, I definitely looked over and saw a man standing with a bouquet of flowers wrapped in lovely pink plastic. This wouldn’t be so unusual except for the fact that this guy was wearing a ski cap and snowboarding goggles. And the goggles were huge and they were actually on because as we all know, you can never be too prepared for the massive snow drifts and sun glare that you can get on the train when it’s in the high 40’s.

~This evening a man was sitting across from me on the last leg of my very very long commute home, and I noticed that he had these seriously sculpted brows. I wanted to laugh, and I nearly did when I looked at the woman sitting next to him and realized that they had pretty much the same exact eyebrows! This dude had some serious ladies eyebrows. And here’s the kicker, I’m pretty sure that he caught me looking at him and then proceeded to think he was hot stuff for the rest of the trip. Every now and again I would glance over at him because his eyebrows were like staring at a car accident, you just can’t help it even though it’s horrendous, or I would feel his gaze on me, and he had this slight smile. He thought he was hot, I thought he looked like a woman. Funny how those things work out.


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