Politics Go International

Jen and I have become interested in politics. We decided that as responsible American citizens, we should do our research on the candidates and vote wisely. Plus, Japanese students ask me all the time about the elections and who I like better, Obama or Hilary. It’s actually been pretty interesting and enlightening. We talk about politics at least once a week I think, and have discussed what platforms we think are important for the next presidency.

And for those of you who aren’t quite so informed, Obama’s speech in Wisconsin is direct plagiarism! I watched a video comparison of the speech that he plagiarized, and it just made me upset. I know that Obama doesn’t actually write his own speeches, and that when you’re running for president, a lot of the words and ideas are similar, but really. There’s no reason for Obama to plagiarize that much of a speech, even if the guy is his friend.

But I’m still not sure how I’m going to vote…more research needs to be done on my part. But I am excited that I’ll be accounted in those overseas ballots. That’s a pretty cool concept.

Also, for all you Ohioans out there, Sherrod Brown is a stinkin awesome Senator! If you can vote for him again, please do so! I think that maybe he’ll run for Senate again, but I have to confess that I’m completely clueless about all things non-presidential. I sent him an email about an environmental issue, and he sent me a nearly personalized response in less than a day, whereas the Republican senator sent me this crappy mass produced email that just tried to redirect me to a different mailing list or something. Sherrod Brown’s was obviously not written by him, but it responded to what I had said and talked about legislation that’s currently in effect for the issue and how he would vote. It was awesome!


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