Rachael’s Big Day Off Adventure

So, today after sleeping in a little too long, and chatting with friends for an hour, I decided that I should be a bit active on my day off. So, I hopped in the shower, got ready, and headed for the Kokusai Center (International Center). After a train and a subway ride, I made it. But the International Center is this huge place and I wandered around three different floors, before I found the library. Unfortunately, it’s closed on Mondays!!!  But I did find the American Consulate, which was also closed, and the bathrooms on that floor run hot water in the sinks!!! So, I thoroughly enjoyed washing my hands with hot water! It almost made the trip a non-bust.

Then I went back to Nagoya and bought some new powder foundation from the Clinique counter. This now officially makes me a Clinique girl because I bought it on my own, and in a different language. I don’t know many people that are that devoted to their high-end makeup.

After that, I decided to just head home and pick up Jen’s bike from the bike lot, and then go to the grocery store. She had left her bike at the station on Friday when she left for Tokyo, and obviously having just run a marathon, she’s in no shape to ride a bicycle. Being the good roommate that I am, I decided to pick it up for her. But I couldn’t find her bike!! Imagine a parking garage, only for bikes. So, I was just wandering around up and down all the aisles when this cute old man who works at the parking garage asked me if I needed help. After telling him that I didn’t know Japanese, and learning that he didn’t know English, we proceeded to have a very, very broken Japanese/English conversation about how I couldn’t find the bike because it was my friend’s. We spent at least a good five minutes looking for her bike and “chatting” before I randomly found her bike. I learned that his sister lives in LA, and he learned that Jen ran the Tokyo marathon. He was pretty much the most super helpful, friendly person ever! He even helped me pay for the parking and leave the garage. It was so great!

After a quick stop at home, I took the bike to get some groceries. And I’m not really so good at riding a bicycle because I almost crashed like three times in the course of the five minute bike ride to the grocery store. And then I kinda went crazy at the grocery store, but it’s okay because it was for Jen’s post-marathon celebratory dinner. I mean, I bought sour cream and everything! I really splurged-3 ounces for just shy of $3. I maybe bought some other things that I didn’t really need, but I did find some great looking sesame bread, rather than just the standard white bread.

I came home, relaxed a bit and then proceeded to make dinner. And let me tell you, it was a Mexican fiesta!! (Please interpret fiesta here for feast, as neither Jen nor I know the Spanish word for feast, but we both know the word for party). I made tacos…with flour tortillas and everything! We were both so so so happy during dinner because it was super delicious! We both decided that we could eat Mexican food pretty much everyday for the rest of our lives and be content. Jen would need some chicken pot pie days, and I’d need some eggplant parmesan days, but otherwise, all Mexican all the time.

Jen and I then snuck our recycling out illegally, had Bible study, called Linds to wish her a happy birthday, and now we’re browsing the internet for Golden Week vacation options. Thus ends my Day Off Adventure!


3 thoughts on “Rachael’s Big Day Off Adventure

  1. your roommate says:

    you are a good good roommate. a few things before i forget to tell you tomorrow. i completely forgot about the paying part of the bike parking. sorry yo. let me know how much i owe you. and for groceries too.

    also thanks so much for dinner. i loved it. l.o.v.e.d. it

    ok i am really going to go to bed now since its 2.


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