Happy Valentine’s Day?

Well, another major American holiday has come and gone, and here in good old Japan, it didn’t even feel like Valentine’s Day. I guess when you live in a different country, American holidays just aren’t as great anymore. But they do celebrate Valentine’s Day here, just not to the same extent.

Actually, Valentine’s Day is split into two different holidays- Valentine’s Day and White Day. On Valentine’s Day, girls give their boyfriends or guys that they like chocolates. Then one month later on White Day, guys give their girlfriends or girls they like chocolates. I’m not really sure about giving other gifts. Everyone I talked to just mentioned whether or not they’d be giving or receiving chocolate. And if you’re a lady, you should give your male coworkers and boss chocolates as well.

I don’t really know how White Day came about, or why it’s called White Day. Maybe I’ll update you more when I find out some more details. But it is fun for me to explain to my Japanese students that Valentine’s Day is a both gender-friendly holiday. They are all completely shocked when I tell them that we don’t have White Day. Good times in Japan.

So, my belated Valentine’s wishes to everyone, especially my mom, who must now be sighing in relief since the holiday’s over!


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