JR vs. Meitetsu

A large chunk of my life involves riding on trains, and in Nagoya, there are two major train lines- the JR and the Meitetsu. For my own personal reasons, I infinitely prefer the JR and I’ll share a few of the reasons with you.

1. The JR line never tells you that it’ll go to a certain city, and then make you change trains to get there. If that train says it’s bound for Nagoya, then it is definitely stopping at Nagoya with no interference of transfers.

2. The JR has a reusable TOICA card that you can just put money on and then swipe at the wicket. And you can keep your card forever. It’s the same material as a credit card.

3. JR stations and trains are much nicer and cleaner than the majority of the Meitetsu trains I’ve ridden. I always see the cleaning ladies working at the JR stations during the day, but I never see anyone at the Meitetsu stations.

4. After you get a bit outside of the city, some of the stops on Meitetsu lines stop giving the English transcripts for the kanji city names. That doesn’t happen on the JR.

5. The JR station in near our apartment, making it very convenient.

6. The JR is cheaper than the Meitetsu.


2 thoughts on “JR vs. Meitetsu

  1. jordan says:

    i think number 6 is the winner! if it was my decision, i would probably only have one factor… price. but isn’t it nice when all those other benefits come along for the ride??

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