When it Snows, It Blizzards

On Saturday, we had a serious all-day blizzard here!! It snowed on New Year’s Day for all of ten minutes, didn’t even stick, and then just looked like it sprinkled. But yesterday was insane!! The forecast had predicted snow, but I didn’t quite believe it. But on my way to work during the transfer from the train to the subway, it started to snow. I thought that it would be the same as the last time it snowed, but when I got off the subway twenty minutes later, it was snowing even harder! That was around 10:30, and when I left my school at 12:30, it was still going strong.

So, I took the subway back into the city thinking that it wouldn’t be as snowy in the city, but lo and behold, it was! It was perfect snowglobe snow too, really fat flakes that are perfect for packing snow. I had to go to the bank before heading to my next school, and it was coming down so hard that I actually had to use my umbrella to keep from getting soaked! And before you start making fun of me, everyone was using their umbrella to block the snow.

And it kept snowing all day and into the evening! My private class was even canceled because there was so much snow! Everywhere got at least several inches in the course of a day. It really felt like I was back home in Ohio. But then Saturday evening it started raining, and now there’s no trace of the snow, except for some slush on the edges of the sidewalk. Oh, life in Japan. You never know what’s gonna happen. But for one afternoon, at least, I was really happy for the snow.


Well, unfortunately, pictures transferred from my phone aren’t of the greatest quality. But these were taken around 1:30 in Kanayama. The second picture is right in front of the HQ. And we definitely got a lot more after these were taken, but it was too dark after work to take anymore.


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