If Only One of Us Was a Guy

Jen and I are just like an old married couple…for real. We fight over the heat level. Jen always turns the heater off, and I just turn it back on after two minutes. But recently, it’s been super cold, so it’s hasn’t been so much of a problem.

We share the chores and meals. Well, maybe Jen cleans a bit more than I do, but she really likes it. Who am I to stop her from finding fulfillment that way? And we’re going to a birthday party tomorrow, and we definitely are bringing a side dish like a married couple would. All the singles were asked to bring small things like drinks, fruits, or other snacks, but we don’t count as regular singles.

If only our pastor Willie would let us join the married couples Bible study. Just kidding! We may be roommates, but neither of us has any desire whatsoever to get married anytime soon, and especially never to each other, maybe to the guy versions of each other. If only one of us was a guy, this whole situation would be great in the long term. But for now, we’ll both just enjoy being extremely compatible roommates.

And on a side note, we made a totally killer pasta salad for our side dish. We can really be Sakura homemakers if we put our minds to it.


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