When the Lights Go Out

So, on Sunday, Jen and I discovered that the light bulb in our toilet had gone out. And being that it was Sunday evening, we had no opportunity to get a new light bulb. And given that we live in Japan, we weren’t exactly able to get a new light bulb on Monday either.  So we definitely went for about three days with no light to shine upon us while we were peeing. We would just turn on the hall light and pee with the door open. But, not to fret, if you’ve seen pictures of our apartment, you would realize that the toilet room is in the hallway, so no one would see us while we were using the bathroom.

When I came home from work yesterday, Wednesday, Jen told me to go to the bathroom. I went, and lo and behold, the light bulb in our bathroom had been replaced and there was once more a light to shine the way for all of our bathroom needs. But, you know what? As much as we joked, complained, and tried to turn the light on every time we had to go to the bathroom, we both kinda got accustomed to peeing in the dark. Jen commented that the toilet was now really bright, and I still sometimes don’t bother to turn the light on when I go to the bathroom. For three days, we saved massive amounts in our electricity bill…well, maybe not massive amounts, but you get the idea. But it’s funny how quickly you can acquire new habits and preferences when they’re presented to you, even something as inconvenient as using the bathroom with no light.


One thought on “When the Lights Go Out

  1. jordan says:

    you crazy girls calling your bathroom a toilet. when you said “toilet light” i was thinking what kind of silly japanese toilet has a light attached to it, and what would the purpose of that light be. haha… i think i get it now!

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