Hello Captain Obvious

Getting my hair cut has really enlightened me to a very important fact. The first thing that everyone has said to me upon seeing my new haircut, with the exception of my roommate, has been “You got your hair cut!” Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious to me there. I know it’s true because I was there. And it’s only after I confirm the fact that I got my hair cut that people will make any other kind of comment on it. On the train to work, I gave a lot of thought to this phenomenon, and I think that I’ve figured out why people always react this way.

First- this is completely self-serving, but even if the haircut is completely obvious like mine, people don’t want to sound stupid just in case they’re wrong. Confirming a change in hair is much easier than commenting on a cut and then feeling like a complete moron upon discovering that their hair hasn’t changed, I just couldn’t remember what their hair looked like from the last time I saw them.

Second- I think it’s a way of gaging someone’s reaction to their own haircut. If I respond with a very happy, “Yeah! I did get it cut!” the other person can feel at ease to compliment it the new style. But if I responded a bit dejectedly, then maybe they would feel uncomfortable giving a positive response when it was so obvious that I disliked it. But in reality, we should be more quick to compliment haircuts that aren’t so favorable to the recipient, especially when we genuinely like them. It has a greater chance of raising that person’s opinion of their new style.

So, in conclusion, my new idea is to simply say, “Your hair looks great!” or some kind of similar response when you notice that someone has a new style, and let them inform you whether it’s a cut, color, or different styling. It’s a win-win situation in my opinion!

P.S. This kind of obvious comment is not just an American thing. It extends to all English-speaking countries, as well as Japan. So, we are not alone in this battle to overcome obvious remarks!

P.P.S. Apparently, in Japan, it’s quite common for a girl to shed her long locks if she gets her heart broken. But Jen informed me that it’s pretty common for ladies worldwide. So, let me know what you think. Have you ever cut off your hair, or changed it dramatically because some guy dumped you? My answer is no. I change my hair enough on my own to let a guy affect it.


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