A Surefire Sign

Lately, I keep dreaming about work. More specifically, I dream that I’m teaching FTLs. Maybe ordinarily it wouldn’t be all that bad to dream about work, but sometimes they’re the kind of dreams that I’m actually awake during, but don’t quite realize it until the next morning. Or, they keep me tossing and turning because somewhere in my mind, I’m worried about being late for work or for my FTLs.

Last night I definitely had this recurring dream about a FTL with three students who couldn’t really speak a lick of English, even though they weren’t even in the lowest level class. They just kept staring at me like deer caught in the headlights. And occasionally throughout the night, I would try to explain some English that was happening in my dream to them and I’m pretty sure that I was actually awake for those things because they were sitting in my room, not in some imaginary locale.

And for the past two days I’ve worked morning shifts, so I’ve had to be awake by 8 or 8:30. So, this morning, even though it’s Sunday, and there’s no fear of being late to work, I definitely woke up in a panic because my alarm didn’t go off at 8, thinking that I was going to be late to work.

So, I accredit it all this as a surefire sign that I need a vacation from work!


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