New Year’s Resolutions

Well, it’s the last day in January, and it’s usually around this time that people start breaking their New Year’s Resolutions. But I anticipated that occurring, so this year, I just didn’t make any resolutions. I haven’t yet decided if that was an extremely clever decision or merely an extremely apathetic one.

In Japan, they don’t make resolutions. Instead, they visit a shrine on New Year’s Day and make wishes for the same kinds of things that we resolve to accomplish. They give change and ring a bell as they make their wish, whereas we slave away at the gym, or buy whole new wardrobes. And if their wish doesn’t work out that current year, they just go back to the temple the next new year’s day and make the same wish.

Here’s my thought on New Year’s Resolutions. They’re a great idea in theory. I think it’s a rockstar idea to start your year off with a goal in mind. But all too often, our goals are either too difficult or too short-sighted. We don’t properly plan for a whole year’s worth of fulfilling our resolution, and if we don’t succeed by the end of January, we just give it up. And let’s face it, losing 10 lbs. or finding a significant other in less than one month is just not gonna happen.

And why do we always resolve to lose weight or find that someone special? It’s no wonder that our resolutions crash and burn. What if everyone tried to think of something personal and unique to them, or just something that would last long-term. Because let’s face it, that weight we lose in January will inevitably come back on because we don’t make healthy living a long-term part of our lives, and there’s always that chance that our boyfriend or girlfriend will dump us, or that we’ll dump them. I think we should instead make our resolutions things that we’re interested in achieving that could lead to those stereotypical resolutions. For example, why not resolve to cut down on the times that you eat fast food in a week or month, to walk an hour a day, to not take that second helping at dinner. Or how about resolving to start learning a new language, or to take an art class or dance class or do something that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?

Hmm…well, I didn’t quite realize that I had such a soapbox to stand on when it came to New Year’s Resolutions. But there you go. So, as for me, I’m going to make monthly resolutions and really stick with them because I have Jen as my accountability partner. Next month- healthy living.


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