Gifu and Ichinomiya

Good news! Two of my sub days have been replaced with a set schedule!!

Bad news! The schools are pretty far away. Imagine having to go to the next county for work two days a week via public transportation.

But I will admit that I do enjoy not having to sub 4 days a week anymore. But it’s kinda tough because the teacher that I replaced had a teaching style that is completely the opposite of mine, so it’s gonna take some time for my classes to acclimate to me, especially the kids. I’ve laid down some new laws in the kid’s class, and it’s actually been working out. The kids are warming up to me, so here’s hoping it continues to go well.

And one of my kids, Mizuki, she came early and we were hanging out for a while. And then she asked me if I was Italian. And I had to not laugh when I told her that I was American. You can’t exactly explain to a seven year old non-English speaker that you’re American, but also part Italian. It just doesn’t work out that way. But I guess, according to at least some Japanese, I look like an Italian person.


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