What a Day

Five Things that Made Wednesday Horrible 

1. It rained all day here.

2. Our water broke this morning right in the middle of me brushing my teeth. For a more detailed description, please see Jen’s blog.

3. I failed to transfer money today because the bank didn’t save any of my information from the last time I transferred money, and I didn’t bring any of the needed information with me.

4. Not only was it rainy, but it was cold as well.

5. I had to work in Ichinomiya today, and I had to get there much earlier than I normally would in order to prep a special lesson. And getting there early meant that I had to leave much much earlier than usual.
Five Things that Made Wednesday Great

1. Jen and I went to Starbucks and I got my favorite, a green tea latte.

2. Jen and I made all kinds of hysterical jokes about our lack of water, including creative ways to use the bathroom while we had no water.

3. Both of my major lessons at work went extremely well, especially the kids class. They actually had fun and laughed!

4. I actually caught every train on the way home, and made it home much earlier than normal from work today.

5. I’m watching a Japanese drama right now, and with the help of subtitles, I’m actually beginning to understand bits and pieces of what the characters are saying. Sometimes I get it even without the subtitles, but then it’s just simple phrases or sentences.


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