An Unexpected Train Occurrence

This evening on my way home, I met a co-worker on the train and we chatted for a few stops before he got off at Kachigawa, one stop before me. I was listening to my iPod when all of a sudden I noticed that the gentleman standing in front of me was talking to me. Thinking that I was doing something embarrassing or rude, I turned off my music, only to find that I was being complimented. Now before you get all freaked out, he was this nice older gentleman in his 50’s and he told me that I spoke beautiful English. He said that Japanese people can speak English but it’s not very good. He had lived in Chicago, and he sometimes likes to talk to foreigners to practice his English. I told him that I was from Ohio and he responded that Cleveland was a very good city. Before we could continue our conversation, the train stopped at Kasugai and I got off. But it was so unexpected and nice to have someone be friendly to me on the train as opposed to the blatant stares that I normally get.


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