Some Really Cute Kids

Japanese kids are just so adorable and let me give you a few examples.

Yuka is this precious 4 year old that I teach almost every Saturday at Kanayama. Her parents and older sister lived in the states, and her older sister goes to ECC as a Returnees student to keep up with her English. But Yuka was too little to learn, so she’s going to enroll in one of our regular kid’s lessons full-time in April. But she’s so precious because she has the sweetest disposition. She’s a bit shy at first and just quietly watches the world, but then she opens up with a big smile and the cutest laugh. This past Saturday when she came with her dad, he pointed me out to her, I waved, and she immediately came over and sat next to me, practically in my lap. And the two of us sat together contentedly for a good ten minutes. The Japanese staff asked Yuka if she liked me and she told them that she loved me! How sweet is that? My heart about melted!

On Sunday, I did interviews for all of these cute kids who were taking an English proficiency test. A lot of the kids would tell me in their introduction something that they liked and what they wanted to be when they grew up. This really cute little guy who was only seven told me that he likes swords, and when he grows up he wants to be a samurai. He just had that little ornery face and I almost laughed out loud during his interview because he just looked so precocious.

And lastly is my private student Wakana. She’s seven and she loves gymnastics. I’ve taught her how to do a cartwheel, some aerobic steps, and a cheerleading jump. So, at the beginning of every lesson, she always shows me her gymnastics skills. And I tell you what, she is improving. But it’s just so fun and cute! She’s also just really fun and silly, and she loves to laugh and race. Maybe sometime soon, I’ll get her dancing!


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