A New Friend on the Train

Today, on the way to work at 8 in the morning, my four coworkers and I were introduced to a very jolly, very drunk Japanese man. He very bluntly walked up to us with gifts of candy and said “What’s your name?” In the course of our 30 minute train ride, he walked to and visited with us at least once every two minutes. He gave us candy, asked our names, called one of the guys handsome and me beautiful, offered to share his brandy/sake with my coworker Jeff, told us how he won a bowling tournament for lots of money, and pantomimed both bowling and baseball- all in very broken, drunk Japanese. It made for quite the adventure on the train, especially when he sat down next to me all the while telling me that I was beautiful and asking if he was handsome. It made an interesting and lively start to my early, early day.


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