The Mark of True Love

Jen and I have determined the markings of true love… Someone who loves the opposite colors of Runts as you. Simple, yet very telling. You see, Jen likes the yellow runts, pineapple and banana; whereas, I like all of the non-yellow ones. So, we’ve been sharing. Jen has decided to ask everyone now what their favorite flavor Runts are, and only go for the people who don’t like the yellow ones.

But, I don’t think that Jen is ready for a committed relationship because she’s not willing to give completely of her Runts. She said that she’s looking for someone who will let her eat all of the yellow ones and some of the non-yellow ones. Her logic is that there are three non-yellow flavors, strawberry, orange, and mango, and only two yellow flavors, so they should share the pink ones. Oh, Jen, I think you need to work on your sharing skills. haha!


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